Lake Placid Art League

Dedicated to the appreciation of, and education in, the arts for the adults in Lake Placid.

Lake Placid Art League

Located at The Snyder Center for the Arts.

In 1985, Mrs. Alma Heflin and her daughter, Dale Saceman, founded the Lake Placid Art League so that local artists could meet and share experiences. For the next seven years, they met at the Tomoka Heights community club house. Then, the Adventist Church was offering their property, known as the Parrish House, on Center Street (Dal Hall Blvd). After a down payment, six Art League members held a mortgage for the balance. This was later satisfied when Bill and Marlene Snyder donated a horse head, carved by Bill, for a drawing.

Presidents who have served over the years include Elizabeth Fox, Cliff Mitchell, Mary Gebhart, Elise Kruft, Marlene Snyder, Pat Keesling, Joan Swanson.  Interim Presidents, Eileen Tietz and Al Hyman.  As of now Bob Jasper is the President of the Art League.

In 2019, the Lake Placid Art League dedicated their building to Bill and Marlene Snyder. Bill, a renowned master carousel horse carver, taught painting & carving for many years and Marlene served as Art League president and was the motivating force behind the annual art show. The Snyder’s have always been and are still supportive of Art League activities. We are very thankful for their dedication.

Upcoming Events

Open Studio

Art League members are invited to OPEN-STUDIO.  Cost is $2.00 per session. We have temporarily suspended classes due to COVID-19. Stay tuned for Open Studio dates! Coming soon. 

2022/23 Shows & Events

Stay tuned for our upcoming event!

We are always looking for new program instructors as well as ideas for new offerings.

Drop by on Tuesdays or Thursdays to see our painters and carvers at work!

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Phone: (863) 465-0611

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